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Please note: Separate charges will apply for the services of all outside companies that we work alongside.

Paint Repair Service

Yellow Trek Paint Repair

If there is damage to the paint work on your bicycle, motorcycle or vehicle we can offer a paint repair service.

We will do our best to match as close to the original colour as possible and leave you with a great looking item once again!

Please note that we are unable to repair physically damaged carbon at this time, but if the carbon is not damaged and it's just the paint then we can happily sort that for you.

Base Coating and Single Colour Paint Work

Basecoated T5 bonnet

We are able to offer a high quality preparation, base coating and paint service.

This applies to removable panels e.g. bumpers, bonnets and doors, as well as full vehicles.

Ford Escort MK1 Paint work

We have a large spray booth onsite that is able to fit vehicles up to 2.1m tall inside. We can quote for single full or half colour exterior paint work dependent on the current state of the vehicle panels.

Please note that we do not offer an extensive vehicle restoration or fabrication service, you need to have this work completed before bringing the vehicle to us for final prep and paint work.

VW T5 half colour repaint

Spary Booth Rental

If you are a painter that does not have access to their own spray booth but may occassionally need to access one, then please contact us for terms and rental pricing of our onsite spray booth. We can also offer competitive pricing to prep, basecoat and/or lacquer items for you.

We are located just outside Oswestry town centre in Shropshire.

Spray Booth Rental Oswestry


We are located on the same site as Creaser's Motorcycles and Customs in Oswestry, Shropshire, UK.

Creaser's are able to offer a motorcycle strip down service, and also the option to have any mechanical or servicing work completed and rebuild after we have custom painted your motorcycle parts.

Creaser's Motorcycles and Customs

If your motorocycle needs media blasting prior to paint work, then we work with local company PSG coatings to offer this service. They also do powder coating.

PSG Coatings


If you need you bicycle frame stripping down before we custom paint then we work with Brooks Cycles in Welshpool to offer this service.

You can also have you bike serviced and rebuilt after painting if required.

Brooks Cycles Welshpool

If you are going to the expense of having a custom paint job on your bicycle frame, then it makes sense to invest in having it invisframed afterwards.

We work with Bike Shop Dave who is a specialist in fitting invisframe protection, and can also offer a bicylce sericing and repair service.

Bike Sjop Dave Invisframe


Matthew's Customs and Conversions

We often custom paint VW caddy and campervans; be it full vehicles, main exterior panels, interior parts or accessories.

Our unit neighbour MCC offer custom audio and coversion services for all vehicles, and this work can be completed whilst we custom paint parts in our unit.

Custom Clothing

Artworx Apparel Logo

We design and custom print our own merchandise on site, and we now offer a custom design and heat transfer printing clothing service.

With no minimum order quanitity, we can cater for one off personalised gift, work wear or merchandise in varying quantities, or orders for events and parties.