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In 2023 Charlie Hatton became the UCI DH Mountain Bike World Champion, so we custom painted his Bell Full-10 helmet with rainbow stripes and some added gold. This video is some time lapse footage of the painting process and also includes Charlie's reaction when he was surprised with the helmet.

Here is a video of how we custom painted Continental Atherton athlete Charlie Hatton's sick 2022 season helmet.

This is a time lapse video of some of the stages of custom painting Andreas Kolb's 2022 Continental Atherton Race Team helmet.

We have taken on another ambassador, 14 year old Max, who takes part in a wide range of sporting activities. His ambission is to be a stunt performer and we custom painted his Bell Race Star helmet for him to use in Supermoto.

In December 2021 we completed a full custom paint job on a Rourke bicycle frame. This was a delicate process and the final colour scheme was designed to be on brand for Adrenaline Sporting Events.

In 2021 we custom airbrushed the downhill mountain bike helmets of the Continental Atherton Race Team. Here is a video showing how we painted these helmets.

We have teamed up with the crew at The Anarchy Garage and we did a full custom paint job on the UK's first road legal go kart! This was unveiled at Petrolheadonism Live 2021, and check out their youtube channel for more great content.

Here is a Youtube video of two BMW engine covers that were customised by us.

Below is a video of Lee painting a Jaguar XJ bonnet in a Game of Thrones theme.
This is now on display in the main car park at The British Ironwork Centre, near Oswestry, Shropshire, UK.

Original music composed and performed by Dom Kelly Acoustic.

Below is a video of the finished VW T4 bonnet painted in an Avengers End Game theme.
This is now on display in the office at the Lee Morgan Artworx unit in Oswestry, Shropshire.

Lee was interviewed by Don Johnson from Airbrush the Magazine ( America). The interview is below, and includes some background information on Lee and helpful hints and tips for airbrushing.