Bicycle Projects

We can customise pedal bikes as well as motorvehicles here at artworx!

Below is a gallery of some of our previous custom bicycle projects. We also offer a full package of customised artwork, invisiframe and bike build; contact us for a free quote.

Commencal Absolut Dirt Jump Frame

For 2021 we have two new ambassadors, and this is 10 year old Ruben's dirt jump frame.

Ruben and his frame

Ruben wanted blue as his main frame colour, so to make this dirt jump frame stand out from the crowd it was been painted in chameleon paint that fluctuates between blues and purples in different lights. The logos have been painted using HOK sparkle silver and this is going to look sick when it's built!

Ruben Commencal Dirt Jump Frame

Specialized Stumpjumper

This bike belongs to me (Lee) and I decided it was time for a revamp and a paint job that made this bike stand out from the crowd!

I decided to give it a glow in the dark paint job and took inspiration from the sport of downhill mountainbiking to do a custom paint job on the frame.

Specialized 1

spec 2

spec 3

spec 4

Norco Fluid 2.0

I bought a second hand Norco Fluid 2.0 for my son and it needed a bit of TLC as this bike had been well used by previous little rippers. My son asked for a skulls theme in red, so that is what he got!

This frame was painted in a gold base with candy red over the top, and the skull was painted underneath so that it is subtle and shows through in the sun. This kids full suspension custom paint job gets plenty of attention on the trails.

Norco 1

Norco 2

Norco 3

Colnago Road Bike

I was asked to revamp a Colnago road bike, the owner wanted it to go red with painted logos (we don't do stickers here at artworx!).

I always want to add a little bit of something special to my paintwork, so I airbrushed the logo on with highlights and added my own flare to make it stand out from the crowd.

colnago 1

colnago 2

Giant Propel Road Bike

This road bike custom airbrush project was inspired by the colourway of a favourite riding jersey. Working with the owner of the bike led to a design that makes this bike stand out, and using black paint (with a sparkle) and pearlescent blue gives this custom frame a real sense of unique luxury.

propel b4

propel 2

propel 3