Motorbike Projects 2019 - 2021

Here at Artworx we have been customising all kinds of motorbikes with airbrush artwork for the last few years!

Below is a gallery of some of our previous motorbike artworx projects that have been completed between 2018 and 2021, please scroll down to see more.

Harley Davidson - Yellow with Chequered Flag (2019)

There was a nice story behind this classic motorbike, the owner sold this Harley some years ago and regretted the decision almost instantly. He was unable to trace the bike for years, but one day a friend (a twist of fate?) saw it for sale on ebay and the original owner was reunited with the bike. When he had the bike in his possession it needed a revamp, so he commissioned Lee Morgan Artworx to update the yellow paintwork with a new chequered flag, wanting a peeling back effect on the tank. This is another unique bike that we are very proud of! So proud that the owner kindly let us display this at our Open Event in June 2019 at The British Ironwork Centre.

Harley Yellow

Yellow Harley Tank

Trike Tank aka 'Hells Gate' (2019)

We painted a very intrictate design of 'tonnes of skulls' on the tank of a trike. Each skull was unique and freehand airbrushed, this one took some serious patience but the overall effect was great at the end!

Blue Skulls Trike

Blue Trike Tank 2

Kawasaki Tank - Eddie Iron Maiden (2019)

This Kawasaki tank was painted for an Ironmaiden lover, who wanted an Eddie theme. Eddie was handpainted 'bursted out of the tank using a metal peel effect. There were many hours of airbrushing in the small details on Eddie, and this design was so popular that Janick Gers (Iron Maiden guitarist) signed a photograph of the tank!

Eddie 1

Eddie signed

Bandit 1200 - The Royal Welch Fusiliers (2020)

Our customer served for 22 years in the Armed Forces. His first 14 years was with the 1st Batallion (23rd of Foot) Royal Welch Fusiliers (RWF) from 1992 until 2006. They were then dispanded along with the Royal Regiment of Wales (RRW), and amalgamated to make the 1st Batallion Royal Welsh Regiment in which he served his last 8 years' service (until 2014).

The Royal Welch Fusilier Regiment was Formed existed between 1689 and 2006. In his time of service our customer did many operational tours and lost good friends in the line of fire and due to PTSD once leaving the army. This bike is called 'The Fusilier Bike' and is dedicated to all the fallen soldiers who have served within the 1st Batallion Royal Welch Fusiliers.






RWF Finished Tank

The finished bike is a real head turner, we look forward to seeing the reaction to this Bandit 1200 project from upcoming shows!

RWF Front View

RWF Finished Bike

Indian Scout - War Memorial Tribute Tank (2020)

This was an enjoyable motorbike tank project, that also involved airbrushing a chrome effect. The original tank had chrome Indian Scout stickers on the sides, so these were removed and replica logos were actually airbrushed onto the tank.

The paint work is a war tribute, using famous quotes from Winston Churchill and has an RAF theme using Lancaster Bombers.

Indian Scout War Memorial Bike

V-Max - Shrek 2 (2020)

This was a custom project that was a lot harder to complete than the finished bike makes it look!

Hours of prep went into all the parts to ensure that they were silky smooth to allow the striking yet simple green and black paintwork to be of the highest show standard.

Shrek 2 V-Max Motorbike

Sorcery Trike (2020)

This trike was completed over a few months for a friend who wanted a full Sorcery theme on his beloved trike.

This one had to be over the top, artwork everywhere and real stand out from the crowd. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but the owner loves it and that is the beauty of custom artwork, it's unique to you.

Sorcery Trike

Knight's Templar Theme (2020)

This was a full custom paint job based on a Knight's Templar themed brief. We worked with the customer to design something very unique, and we hope you agree that this patriotic paint job is a real heaed turner.

Knight's Templar Motorbike

Rickman CR1000 (2021)

Custom Rickman Z1000

This custom built Z1000 was painted in a lovely Black Cherry colour, with ghost style writing and a union jack. This was designed to be subtle, yet effective and photographs really do not do this paint job and it's colour any justice.

Rickman Malarkey C1000 Motorbike

Sunset Tribal Harley Davidson (2021)

This lovely Harley Davidson had a custom paint job inspired by a tribal tattoo, if you look carefully enough you will see the nod to Harley Davidson in part of the tribal design.

Tribal Orange Harley Davidson

Norton Pinstripe Tank (2021)

Now traditional pin stripping really isn't our thing, but this custmer wanted to brighten up their original Norton paintwork by adding some pinstripes. So we used a masking technique to create the desired effect.

Norton Pin Stripe Paint Job

Yamaha MT-09 Petronas Motorbike (2021)

Sometimes a customer already has a lovely motorbike, but they just want to bring it up to date and make it a bit more personal. This custom paint job has been completed in a Petronas theme. Bright, clean and classy.

Petronas Custom Paint Job

Petronas MT-09 Finished

Triumph America (2021)

Our customer wanted a vibrant design for their Triumph America tank, with a 'Lady Liberty' theme. So we custom painted this tank with a Union flag on one side, and the American flag on the other. The Statue of Libery makes an appearance in a pin up style.

triumph america custom paint job

Lady Liberty Triump American custom artwork