Motorbike Projects 2013 - 2018

Here at Artworx we have been customising all kinds of motorbikes with airbrush artwork for the last few years!

Below is a gallery of some of our previous motorbike artworx projects that have been completed between 2013 and 2018, scroll down to see more.

Giger Theme Chopper aka 'The Beast' (2013)

This was an award winning Chopper build project that was our very first commissioned motorbike airbrush artwork. This bike had a HR Giger theme (Swiss airbrush artist, famous for biomechanical images and his work on the film 'Alien') and turned out to be an awesome first job!

Giger Tank 1

Mag Giger Chopper 1

Mag Giger Chopper 2

S2 Lambretta aka 'Celtic Warrior' (2013)

This was a unique Lambretta with a patriotic theme, the airbrush artwork used the Welsh, Irish and Scottish flags in a simple (but very effective) and crisp design.

Lambretta S2

Breaking Bad Vespa (2014)

This was a very topically themed Vespa, as the Breaking Bad series was reaching it's peak of interest at this point. This was a really fun bike to paint as it was very unique paint job with lots of different elements to design and paint across the whole bike, including the tool case painted to look like a cracked block of the 'blue stuff'.

Vespa BB

Breaking Bad Vespa 1

BB 3

Honda VTR Firestorm 1000 'Kill Bill' (2015)

This was my own motorbike that was originially Bumble Bee yellow. So I decided to stick with the yellow colour scheme and I did a 'Kill Bill' theme across the motobike. This bike moved onto a new home a couple of years later, so it is out there somewhere!

Honda Firestorm

Honda Firestorm Tank

Honda Firestorm Front

Suzuki Intruder 'Skulls & Roses' (2015)

We were asked to do a skull and roses theme on the tank of a Suzuki Intruder, and this was a very detailed piece of artwork that was subtle but effective.

Suzuki Intruder

Suzuki Intruder Parts

Suzuki Intruder Tank

Martek Sister Bike (2015)

This was one of our most interesting projects to date, this was the sister bike to Guy Martin's original Martek Bike. The original artwork was outdated, and the new owner wanted the bike to pay homage to Guy Martin's Turbo Martek that he had built to take on the Pikes Peak Hillclimb Event in the USA. This has been winning awards for years since.

Martek Tank

Martek Before

Martek After

Honda Fireblade 750 Four (2016)

This was a restoration project that needed a modern 'nod' back to the original artwork that would have once been on this stunning bike. We used candy paint on this burgundy and gold paint job to really make the finished motorbike look something special.

Honda Fireblade

Honda Fireblade parts

Harley Davidson aka 'Mini the Minx' (2016)

This green and gold themed Harley was probably the most complex paintwork that we had done to date. An intricate Celtic cross design was needed on most panels, and this was hours of painstaking masking and spraying with no room for error. We hope you agree that the overall project came out amazing, and is really one of a kind.

Mini the Minx 1

Minx Fuel Tank

Mini the Minx 2

Suzuki GSX 1400 (2017)

This bike was completed over a few years, with different bike parts being done as and when needed. The owner wanted to keep the original feel of the motorbike, but was blue flames incorporated across different panels and the original tank atwork.

Blue Flames Suzuki

Suzuki Blue Flames

Harley Davidson - Saxon (2017)

The owner of 'Mini the Minx' loved his previous Harley paintwork so much, that he bought a second bike for us to paint. This time it was painted a lush candy red with hand painted Saxon themed artwork all over the bike, the overall look of this bike came out stunning and it is a real head turner.

Saxon Chopper

Saxon Rear

Saxon Tank

Tribute Tank (2017)

This was a very personal airbrush job to the owners, they wanted a double portrait airbrushing onto a motorbike tank with a personal quote. I only had an old photograph of the couple to go off so the challenge was on to get the detail into their faces and make sure the final artwork was an appropriate tribute to them both, and something that could be treasured for years to come.

Tribute Tank 1

Tribute Tank People

Tribute Tank Side 2

Tribute Tank Side 1

Harley Davidson - Ghost Flames (2018)

Flames are always a popular theme for artwork, so it was nice to do a Ghost effect on this motorbike tank. The flames complimented stand out Skeleton on the main tank, and in the sunshine the flames are subtle but suddenly shine bright.

Harley Ghost Flames

Ghost Flames Harley

Harley Ghost Tank